David Tennant – bouncing before filming a scene

(Okay, maybe some of them are bouncing to stay warm, but others are definitely his before-rushing-into-the-scene-get-your-energy-up bouncing)

From the commentary for The Doctor’s Daughter:

Alice Troughton [talking about Colin Morgan in Midnight – to David Tennant] – But also he was watching you, Russell and I picked up on this, because he was watching how you got into the role – because it was only his second television performance I think – and as we watched the rushes, he would start to do the same kind of warm up before the take would go, as in pick himself up and get the energy going.

Russell T. Davies – and he actually, bless him, he did an interview with The Stage recently where he said how much he learned watching you on set. Said it out loud.  Write that down as well.

David Tennant – The boy’s a genius.


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