Richard II masterpost



So here are all the Richard II productions I’m aware of.

Have seen:

  • David Tennant DVD, I hear it’s also available from itunes. BEST PRODUCTION EVER!
  • Hollow Crown (Ben Whishaw)DVD ALSO THE BEST EVER!
  • Age of Kings (David William)DVD. Another allcaps BEST EVER Richard II. Youtube clips here and here
  • Michael Pennington – Can be had via university libraries (I’ve only seen it on VHS, but some have digital copies). Very good production, though Bolingbroke is rather limp (he improves later as Henry IV). EDIT: Now on youtube!
  • Fiona Shaw – Someone found this for meeeee! Shaw’s Richard is great, and this production ships the heck outta Richard and Bolingbroke if that’s your thing. (alternate link here)
  • Mark Rylance – available on youtube. There doesn’t seem to be a DVD. Opinions are divided. It’s an overall great production, though this interpretation of Richard is not to my personal taste.
  • Derek Jacobi – Part of the BBC complete Shakespeare series. Should be readily available from most university and public libraries. VERY GOOD!
  •  Hungarian Productionyes I has it. Heavily truncated production, but it’s pretty great. Richard is very much in control of everything. (Hungarian, no subtitles, but if you know the play that tends to not stand in the way of comprehension) (alternate link)
  • Ashtar production Globeplayer Link here. This production is amazing. I am partial to this Aumerle. (Arabic with no subtitles. Again, we seem to know the play too well)

Have not seen:

  • Ian McKellen – No DVD or VHS or digital release seems to exist, but I have heard that this production was recorded and so I’m hoping it’ll be released at some point in the future. The BBC plans to release their entire Shakespeare archive in 2016, so I have high hopes
  • Duncan Lumsdenon youtube, haven’t watched, looks kinda shoddy but passable maybe?
  • Mexican Spanish productionavailable here. I haven’t watched it [yet]. Looks like it’s got some rather avant garde stuff going on with the production concept. (Spanish with no subtitles, are we noticing a theme?)
  • John Farrell – I haven’t seen this one, but it’s reportedly horrible  and so I hestitate to buy it (I’m a completionist and therefore need it, though)
  • David Birney – This production is allegedly “fairly wretched”. Again, I haven’t bothered to spend monies on it.
  • The Globe Theatre has announced Richard II for their 2015 summer season, starring Charles Edwards. Globe productions tend to end up online and on DVD, so let’s just try and be patient.

Audio only:

  • Arkangel (Rupert Graves)Is on youtube
  • Librivox dramatic readingThis one is public domain. Librivox dramatic readings are great, they’re not much when it comes to great acting, but listening to a bunch of people experience Shakespeare can be heaps of fun. The Librivox folks tend to read plays as if they were novels, though (clear diction, no acting), and Richard II is one of their weakest. But not all the readers are devoid of acting, there’re a few gems among the cast (at least one of whom may be recognisable).
  • Sam West’s production is available on Audible
  • John Gielgud’s is vailable from Amazon and also on Spotify.
  • The Marlowe Society recording is available here. The cast isn’t listed.
  • There is a CBC Radio recording that I haven’t heard and don’t have links to, but I hear ti’s not all that great.
  • Gérard Philipe’s French language recording seems to be rather great for those who understand French (there’s a clip on youtube).
  • I have heard rumours of an audio recording of Eddie Redmayne’s Richard II. Deposition scene extract here, but I can’t seem to find the whole thing anywhere.

Fragmentary stuff:

If you know of a production I don’t have listed or have a source for something I haven’t gotten hold of yet, let me know and I’ll add it.

This is about due for another reblog. Also, his-quietus-make, look at about midway through the first section 🙂


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