Skrebneski ‘Portraits’:  Ginger Rogers along with Orson Welles, Candice Bergen, Andy Warhol, Bette Davis, David Bowie, Liza Minnelli, and many others were part of an iconic series of celebrity photographs by acclaimed 1970s fashion photographer Victor Skrebneski. 

 The series, which he refers to as “the black turtleneck sweater portraits”, are distinctive for showing the star partially out of frame, semi hidden in shadow, in extreme close-up or from a great distance, always using black blacks, white whites and varying shades of grey.

Skrebneski explains his vision this way:  I photograph in black, white and grey and in color every day, commercially.  But my real love is black, white and grey photography.  When I do a portrait, I still am thrilled when a momentary flashback of filmstars in close-ups projects in my mind.  They were always exciting, glamorous and big.

The head dominates my thoughts.  Often I enlarge a portrait to seven feet by seven feet…a simulation of sitting in a theatre in the first row or in the last row.

Portraits are the most intimate photographs…the faces whose exhaustion, excitement, conversation, sadness, and happiness at that moment, now shows forever.   — from Skrebneski Portraits A Matter of Record, copyright 1978.


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