“You try to write the best scripts you can write, as a group you give your best shot at it. But without these actors… Let’s use Bryan as an example. I can’t picture anyone else playing that role. I make my living off my imagination, and my imagination fails when it comes to picturing the show with anyone else at the head of it.” (Vince Gilligan, on Bryan Cranston, x)


In S5 we get an awful lot of shots with Walt and Mike at either sides of the frame and Jesse in the middle in the background. These shots always make Jesse look small, like a child of divorce caught between his warring parents (which he totally is). But it also characterizes Jesse as the mediator and peacemaker of the group; sometimes he’s most like the rope in the Walt and Mike’s tug-of-war; stretched and straining in the feud of his two embittered father figures.

The Long Winded Blues of the Never, part 8 of 9


Jonathan Banks, about his first appearance in Season Two —

I want to say, though, about that last – just really quickly, because my impression of doing that last show and coming up, and I remember walking up those steps and seeing Aaron sitting out there preparing … and I saw that, and I didn’t think anything and I went and did the scene and I remember, I reached down and I slapped the piss out of him and – that’s not written in there – and how he was there, he was right there, and that kid never let go of that all day long. And I came home and I said to my wife, I said, I just worked with a stunning – I don’t know if I used the word stunning – but, a great actor. I said, this kid, I think, is really good.”

AMC’s Insider Podcast, Episode 406