“You try to write the best scripts you can write, as a group you give your best shot at it. But without these actors… Let’s use Bryan as an example. I can’t picture anyone else playing that role. I make my living off my imagination, and my imagination fails when it comes to picturing the show with anyone else at the head of it.” (Vince Gilligan, on Bryan Cranston, x)


“I remember out in To’hajiile it was quite a chilly morning. I wimped out and I said to Bryan, I took him aside and said, ‘how do you feel about the underpants?’ He said, ‘you know what? What’s the most embarrassing thing I could be dressed in’ I said, tighty-whitey underpants’ and he said, ‘That’s what I’m gonna wear.’ Because that’s what’s right for the character.” – Vince Gilligan

“I intended to be overweight. I wanted to be a guy who went to seed, who didn’t care anymore. So popping out of that RV on the pilot episode and having my love-handles fold over my tighty-whitey underwear…it wasn’t the image that I really would like to present to the world! And yet you have to have the courage to do so.” – Bryan Cranston

Confidence, body positivity, and being a badass: the Bryan Cranston edition