Pals David Tennant and Mark Gatiss – behind the scenes of The Lazarus Experiment

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant and Mark Gatiss:

Mark:  So, this is my Doctor Who that I’m in.
David:  Yeah!  That’s it!
Mark:  Having waited all my life.  Even before the program was on I wanted to be in it.
David:  You are one of… now there is a fact here isn’t there?  One of only 3 people to have written and appeared in Doctor Who.
<…and then Mark presents an argument that one of those gentlemen doesn’t count because it wasn’t a speaking part, making him only the 2nd writer to have also acted in an episode>

[Discussing the scene after Lazarus falls to his death on the floor of the cathedral]
Mark:  Now your shoe is about to come down just in time…
Mark and David: OOOHHHH!!!
David:  It’s only a naked man!
Mark:  Was that a first?
David:  Is it?  No, I think John Barrowman was the first naked man in Doctor Who, but I think you can only be the second.
Mark:  Oh, I’m sick of this!  Second.. or third… or not even that!  What’s going on?
David: <Squeaks with laughter> You’re the first writer who has also appeared in the show who is also naked.
Mark:  Brilliant!
David:  That is definitely you