Villa Reconstruction James Stanton-Abbott

  • Villa at Boscoreale, Pompeii, Italy Computer Reconstruction (This reconstruction of the Villa at Boscoreale was undertaken for THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART in New York.)
  • Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii, Italy The purpose of this reconstruction is to investigate the relationship of the Triclinium, the famous dining room at the villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii, Italy, to its setting within its gardens and its extensive views. 

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Italy From Space, or Italia Dallo Spazio? (NASA, International Space Station, 07/26/14) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on Flickr.

Tramite Flickr:

One of the Expedition 40 crew members aboard the International Space Station photographed this oblique night image of almost the entire country of Italy and the islands of Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia on July 26, 2014.

Image credit: NASA