“Io, grande dittatore|in piazza per lanciare|un messaggio di pace” | Bergamonews – Quotidiano online di Bergamo e Provincia



I, dressed up as the Great Dictator, went in that square to send a message of peace.

“no-one thought of the ending of the Great dictator, of his address to humanity. I only wanted to send a message of peace. On Sunday afternoon, Giampietro Belotti was stopped by the Italian police, who were there to maintain  the public order in Sant’Anna square during the rally held by the “Standing Sentinels”. He was dressed up as an “Illinois nazi”, had an armband with the symbol of the Great Dictator, with  Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf in his hands. He was silently protesting against the anti-gay wedding and adoption activists. “I was there for only 15 minutes – he says – then the police showed up and Id’ed me. Some people tried to persuade them it was just a satirical protest, but they insisted I had to go with them. They wanted to preserve the public order and therefore I followed them.”

“Were you expecting that?” “No, I didn’t think I would be taken away by the police and escorted to their headquarters.

“Did the police officers recognise the cinematic references?” “Of course, we spent part of the trip to the police station discussing John Landis’ movie. They only intervened because they feared some sentinel would kick my teeth in. They decided to take me away to avoid unrest.

“What happened at the police headquarters?” “They Id’d me, took my photos and my fingerprints. They also took away my sign reading “Illinois Nazis support the Sentinels”. They say it’s a piece of evidence.

“I bet it’s one of the weirdest pieces of evidence ever collected. Are you really risking to be charged with apology of fascism?” “The judge is supposed to review my case today. It’s the only charge they can possibly press. I dearly hope he’ll laugh his arse off. There’s a 99.9% chance that’s exactly what he’s going to do. But I’m worried about that 0.1%.”

“Even though your attire wasn’t in any way linkable to Nazism” “I hoped that someone, instead of seeing a “fake Hitler”, would think of the message of the great dictator, which ends on a message of peace and universal love. Hate against other people, even when expressed by standing in a square, should stop.”

“On the internet there you’ve received a great deal of praise . The most recurring praises are “you’re a hero” and “you’re a genius”. How  did you come up with this idea?” “I was always bothered by this demonstrations held by people denying other people their rights. Therefore, I decided to hold my small protest. Then, having studied at an Art high school and being a movie lover, as well as having taken part in historical re-enactments did the rest.”

“What’s your opinion on the standing sentinels?” “If we [Italy] were a normal country, we wouldn’t have to deal with these people’s delusions.”

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“Io, grande dittatore|in piazza per lanciare|un messaggio di pace” | Bergamonews – Quotidiano online di Bergamo e Provincia




Commissioned by Francesco I de’ Medici in the 16th century Villa Demidoff and the nearby Villa di Pratolino took over 12 years to complete. The end result was a stunning near-labyrinth of natural caves, lakes and massive sculptures. Of the statuary, the 16th century “Appennine Colossus,” is the main focal point of the landscape. Hesits atop a grotto in apparent anguish at his fate.

After changing hands a few more times, the wild grounds eventually fell into the hands of the government of Florence, who operated the area as a public park during the spring and summer months.

To learn more of the beauty and mystery of these gardens visit Atlas Obscura

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Civita di Bagnoregio, Lazio, Italy

Civita is also known as “la città che muore” (the dying town), because of the erosion that is destroying the hill where the village is located. You can reach it only by a pedestrian bridge.

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