Well, as I understood, after 11th episode of DW the arts of Doctor/Missy (Master) started being very popular again. Some people started sending it to John, and some started writing him something… rude. It was about a week and John couldn’t take it anymore and he deleted (well, not deleted, but still) from Twitter



I… was actually wondering about John’s new avatar last night, which does seem to support the idea that he might’ve chosen to leave Twitter…

I am aware that after the recent ep there was a resurgence of interest in the Master — that’s hardly surprising — and I did notice a few rude/inappropriate comments being off-handedly thrown in his direction on that site, which I had very much hoped was limited to only a very small group of people, but this…

I am angry. Angry that people are so disgustingly discourteous as to make unpleasant remarks about his acting and his version of the Master to him directly (which, in case people have forgotten, was not something he had any control over — this was RTD’s characterisation). Angry that people are so obnoxious as to continuously assume that his role in the series years ago, and people’s admiration for him in said role, obligated him to be “on” for the Doctor Who crowd all the time and to “just be grateful” for being in the spotlight. Angry that some people actually think that it is okay to send him slash fiction or art or try to make him acknowledge the Doctor/Master ship in some way.

No. There is a fucking line and you do not cross it. You don’t. Don’t give me any of that “oh but actors so-and-so know about slash and shipping and fanfics and they’re totally cool with it”. This does not apply to actors as a whole and it’s fucking disrespectful to throw these things in their faces like that. Christ.

This makes me so angry.
I have no words.

What the fuck is wrong with this fandom? Jeeeeez.